About College Infrastruture And Images

Departmental Library

The Digital Library initiated in 2018 at Amritsar College of Pharmacy, Amritsar it is the first pharmaceutical digital library in the state. It serves members of the campus in meeting their academic & research needs by providing timely & up-to-date information with value added services in all the areas of pharmacy. Apart from the Digital Library Reading Room, members can access from the entire campus.

Computer Lab

It is one of the finest in the region. The central computer facility is supplemented with a campus wide local area network. The inter-building cable segments have been laid under ground through out the campus. The campus computer network is connected to the Internet through a high sped VSAT dish with broadband as well as Wi-Fi connectivity to the students. The students have their own Internet accounts and can access information at their convenience. The Computer Lab is open most of the day to enable students to work beyond class hours throughout the week.

  • Communication Skills Lab.
  • Conference Hall
  • Machine Room
  • Central Instrumentation Room
  • Aseptic Room


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Herbal Garden

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Animal House

Well maintained ANIMAL HOUSE for keeping animals during experiments